Restaurants – Itchy Brighton


At the budget end of dining in Brighton is The New Club. While most of the seafront is dominated by tourist traps, this place is original and affordable. Every item on their menu is under £10. They make most of their food on site, including their burgers, house cured salt beef and pulled pork. You can enjoy great cheap food here with a view of the sea.

La Choza came around during the recent wave of Mexican eateries in Britain. The interior is bright and brash – all pink and blue and Day of the Dead skulls. Their pulled pork burritos are especially excellent, as well as affordable.

Plateau falls more in the mid-range of prices, offering small plate food with delicious ingredients. The plateau de viandes (plate of meats) includes excellent pork belly and homemade boudin noir. They also serve excellent cocktails.

The Ginger Pig has become increasingly refined and well presented in recent years. Their fish, vegetarian and meat dishes are all excellent. The desserts include some really exciting dishes, including dulce de leche, peanut brittle and peanut butter truffles and pistachio sponge cake and raspberry tuille.

At the high end is the Little Fish Market which is the best fish eatery in the city. The food is laid out in a beautiful way, with plenty of detail. The mackerel salad with quail eggs is excellent, as is the saffron potato. This place is pricy but a must-do.

Perhaps after you’ve eaten, you’ll want to head out into the town to enjoy the town’s renowned nightlife.

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